In Renaissance Italy, sprezzatura was the art of concealing artifice, in making difficult work appear easy. 

You’ve worked hard to create something.  A Web site, an application, a dissertation, a whitepaper.  Before you release your work on the world, you want to polish the gem through rigorous testing or proofreading.  After all, your customers and your clients will get their first impression of who you are and what you do from these artifacts, and their experiences with your deliverables will guide their purchasing or usage decisions in the future.

Jeracor can bring sprezzatura to your deliverables. From rapid application testing to editing text, Jeracor can quickly and inexpensively make your impressive work impeccable.  We specialize in swift software testing using common interface fault points and copy editing/proofreading so that your clients will think that your hard work in building a high-quality product was both effortless and automatic.