Simple Explanations For Everyone

You might not see direct costs of not providing reliable documentation, but you will pay them.

Nothing good comes from frustrated users who cannot find answers within software or its documentation.  At best, these users represent unnecessary calls to your technical support line.  At worst, these users will become disevangelists for your software, people who warn others about their bad experiences and urge others to use your competitors’ products.

Many organizations do not provide user documentation because a full-time technical writer on staff can be a tough expense to justify for smaller companies.  Jeracor can, at the end of your software development lifecycle, create a set of user guides, reference guides, online help, or other documents that will help your users understand and use your software without your technical support team’s intervention.

All we need to create documentation is a basic understanding of the business problem your application solves, the basic workflow of the application, a stable build, and a testbed environment.  We learn and document by using your product, which ensures that the documentation we create reflects what your users will encounter.  This builds documentation your users can trust.

We can start documenting applications with as little as a one-hour briefing and can complete the documentation in less time than you might think.