Polish Your Words

Your written word lacks the contextual elements of tone of voice and facial expression that many people rely upon to convey their meanings.  As such, your writing needs to stand on its own, without your real-time elucidation through verbal cues and clarifications.  Jeracor can help your writing stand alone.

Using secret techniques devised by Strunk and White, we comb your document for common grammatical mistakes, stylistic problems, and punctuation pitfalls.

If you provide us a Microsoft Word document, we use the Track Changes feature to identify changes we suggest.  Typically, we run through documents electronically first to make the bulk of our changes and then print the document to review how it looks in print and to ensure that our changes are correct.

We can also work on printed copy using standard proofreading marks.

Jeracor employees have experience proofreading Web copy, book manuscripts, training materials, dissertations, and other word collections, with many repeat customers attesting to the value of the Jeracor review.