Simple Heuristics and Targeted Testing

Software testing alone cannot replace a full quality assurance effort, but for many organizations, complete QA integration throughout the software development lifecycle proves cost prohibitive.  If only someone could swoop in at the end of the lifecycle and rigorously thrash the software before release.

Jeracor can take a mostly complete software application or Web site and subject it to a methodical series of tests to uncover issues that have historically proven troublesome for applications. 

We can work with or without requirements and with miminal ramp-up time before beginning.  We need only a basic understanding of the business problem the application solves, the anticipated workflow for the user, and a testbed environment.

We will deliver a checklist of the tests we perform and will log issues however you prefer.

Due to our streamlined process, we typically only create a checklist and not a complete set of test cases; however, if you would like a set of test cases for your internal resources to run with successive releases, we can build those as well.